Representatives Page




On this page you can find the name and contact details of all your local representatives, where a position is vacant you should contact the Branch Secretary with any concerns or issues.




Branch Secretary: Jason Llewelyn, 07821 481087

Branch Chair: Tom Clark, 077328 54683 

Branch Treasurer: Gary Waters, 0191 3826333 

Vice Chair: Vacant 

Equality Officer: Elaine Thompson, 0191 3826333 

Legal & Medical Rep: Christian Kerr, 078453 37300 

Woman’s Officer: Elaine Thompson 0191 3826333 

Branch Organiser: Jason Llewelyn, 07821 481087 

Retired Members Rep: Kevin Storey, 077616 60100  

Lead Union Learning Rep: Jason Llewelyn, 078214 81087 

Area Delivery Rep: Tom Clark, 077328 54683 

Area Delivery Rep Sub: Phil Bottomley, 079896 75953, 

Area Safety Rep: Christian Kerr, 078453 37300 

Area Safety Rep Sub: Gary Waters, 0191 3826333 

Post Office Counters Rep: Vacant 

Houghton le Spring Delivery Rep: Vacant, 0191 3826333 

Houghton le Spring Delivery Rep Sub: Vacant 

Houghton le Spring Safety Rep: Vacant 

Durham Delivery Rep: Jason Llewelyn, 078214 81087 

Durham Collections Rep: Ian Thompson, 0191 3826333 

Durham Delivery Rep Sub: Vacant 

Durham Safety Rep: Gary Waters, 0191 3826333 

Derwentside Delivery Rep: Paul Herdman, 079864 67836 

Derwentside Delivery Rep Sub: Vacant 

Derwentside Safety Rep: Peter White 

Derwentside Safety Sub Rep: Vacant 

Chester le Street Delivery Rep: Mark Frankland, 07590225868 

Chester le Street Delivery Rep Sub: Vacant 

Chester le Street Safety Rep: Vacant