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"Time to pick a side"

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video update from Terry Pullinger

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As part of our overall communications strategy we have launched WhatsApp Broadcast lists for CWU representatives and members. This will enable us to communicate key messages in a timely and effective manner.There are two lists – one for CWU representatives and one for CWU members.If you would like to be added to the broadcast, please follow the simple instructions below.

IF YOU ARE A CWU REPRESENTATIVEAdd WhatsApp to your phone. Save 07583725644 in your contacts. Text your name, workplace (if you have one), position and CWU Branch to 07583725644.

IF YOU ARE A CWU MEMBERAdd WhatsApp to your phone. Save 07907502190 to your contacts. Text your name, workplace (if you have one) and CWU Branch to 07907502190.

Please do not send your details to both numbers.Please share this information with as many of your colleagues as possible.

Finally, WhatsApp should only be uploaded on your personal phone and not devices owned by any employer. 






live session on Facebook with the DGSP tomorrow


Pension Presentation       

Please find below a link to a pension presentation, I strongly recommend members take time to view this as it give a very good explanation of the current pension situation






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Trade Union Bill

On 15th July 2015, the Government introduced the Trade Union Bill in the House of Commons. The Bill sets out a number of changes to the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation Act) 1992 that constitute a major attack on trade union rights. In separate legislation, the government plans to repeal the ban on employers hiring agency workers to provide cover during strikes.

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The Government announced late yesterday that it had placed its final shareholding in Royal Mail with a number of city institutions to be sold overnight to institutional investors. 

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Labour Party Leadership Elections

The National Executive Council has today discussed the forthcoming Labour Party Leader and Deputy Leader election.


Following an extensive debate the NEC agreed to nominate and recommend to members that they vote for Jeremy Corbyn MP, for Leader of the Labour Party.


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Post Office National Collective Engagement   Industrial Relations Framework Agreement 2015 Ballot Result and Nominations.


Votes in favour of the agreement         3548         96.4%   (Representing 42 ballot papers)

Votes against the agreement                 134           3.6% (Representing 1 ballot paper)


Ballot papers dispatched                               52

Ballot papers received                                   43


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New DGS Postal elected

Terry Pullinger has been elected deputy general secretary (postal) of the Communication Workers Union in the results of an election on the postal side of the union announced today (Thursday). The results also included the election of four members to the union's postal executive.

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If you pay the political levy you are entitled to vote in the Labour Party leadership election

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What it means for you

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All postal branches will be aware of the breaking news that TNT/Whistl has suspended their entire UK delivery operation as a result of the loss of their financial backers.  In response to this, the Unions first reaction is one of concern about TNT employees who appear to have lost their jobs and we recognise this is a very difficult time for them and their families. Read More


Branch Election Results

Please find below a complete list of the recent branch election results.

Branch Secretary

Jason Llewelyn                         133           Elected

Paul Herdman                           38

Area Safety Representative

Paul Herdman                          42

Christian Kerr                          88             Elected

Derwentside Unit Representative

Paul Herdman                          25             Elected

Paul Mulhearn                         22

Derwentside Safety Representative

Peter White                             28             Elected

Paul Herdman                         19



Parcelforce, Delivery Options

Parcelforce Joint Statement Regarding The Introduction Of Delivery Options, Branches and representatives will be aware of the activity that has been ongoing since the conclusion of the Parcelforce IT Capability Development Agreement in 2011 and the evolution of IT capability to meet the ever increasing demands that are being made on the business.

The introduction of new Delivery Options is the next step in this process and following discussions with the business the attached Joint Statement has been agreed.

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Parcelforce, CHRISTMAS & Autumn Pressure 2014

Agreement Between CWU And Parcelforce Worldwide On The 2014 Autumn Pressure And Christmas Remuneration Proposals For All CWU Grade Depot Employees. Attached for the information is a copy of the abovementioned agreement, which has been ratified by the Postal Executive.

The agreement for 2014 mirrors those reached in previous years, with payments enhanced in line with the percentages awarded in pay increases since last year. However the one exception is the achievement of the Annual Conference 2014 policy reproduced below which now ensures equality for Parcelforce night workers.

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Please be aware that negotiations have been taking place with the business in respect of the Christmas Arrangements for 2014. Attached for your information is a copy of the agreement that has been concluded and cleared by the Postal Executive.

As in previous years we have acknowledged the USO and the consequential service requirements to meet it. It is anticipated that there will again be a significant number of packets in the system which will require special attention and adequate arrangements to be in place to cope with this increased demand.

The negotiations have included representation from the CWU in regard to Motions carried at Annual Conference 2014 in respect of the possibility of Saturday 27th December being classed as a non service day and the words contained in Para 3.5 in relation to on bank holidays.

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More information can be found by following the link at the bottom to the older and archived news, in addition there is also additional useful, everyday information for members under the guides menu option above.

If you are interested in a particular topic, or want more information on any individual issue please contact your nearest representative or Jason Llewelyn - Branch Secretary

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